Installing Hubber in Wordpress

Installing Hubber in Wordpress

If you are using wordpress, you can install Hubber easier than other options. Follow these steps, and you’re good to go:


1- Download Wordpress Plugin

There are many delays in reviewing plugins in the Wordpress plugin repository; our plugin isn’t yet published there. But you can download it directly from our website using this link


2- Upload and install the plugin

On your wordpress dashboard, switch to the plugins page and click on the “add new button.”



Then click on “Upload Plugin” and select the file you downloaded from step 1, then click “install now.”


After the installation, you’ll be prompted plugin was installed successfully. Now click on Activate plugin.



3- Add Organization ID to Plugin settings

Now switch Messenger settings on Hubber’s dashboard and click on installation code. You will see an organization ID field. Copy that ID.

Then go to your Wordpress dashboard again; you should see Hubber’s settings in the left sidebar. On that page, just paste your Organization ID and save the changes.


Congratulations, now you can use Hubber to communicate with your customers.


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