Get an accurate report of your company performance.

Find out how well you are doing on supporting & answering customer's questions at different levels of the company.

Get an overview of your company

See what's going on and how you're performing as a company in the general reporting section. Get data about:

  • All topics you received
  • Total messages sent and received
  • Average customer satisfaction rating
  • How much it took to send the first reply
  • Activate language autodetect

See how your agents perform as teams

Compare your different teams together on how many topics they have handled, how satisfied were customers and much more

  • Topics handled by a team
  • how much does it take to send the first reply
  • how much does it take to close a topic
  • Team rating
Agents performance

See how an individual agent performs

Get the necessary data to see how one of your agents is performing and contribute to your company’s satisfaction metrics.