Messenger features & Customization

Fast & beautiful Business Messenger

Get a Business Messenger on your site in matter of minutes. Just copy & paste the installation code.

Go Global

Multilingual friendly

With Hubber's deep multilingual features, you can show your messenger in your customer's language and keep consistency across your service.

Customize every text Language Auto detection

Searchable and accessible history

Your customers can see their conversation’s history with you right inside the messenger. Also, they can request a verification email if they are using a different computer. This feature can make it possible to use live chat instead of tickets.

Email VerificationSoon Quick search

Simple, yet functional knowledge Base

Show your knowledge base articles right inside the Messenger, let your customers get the help they needed faster than sending them to another page on your site, and reduce your agent's workload.

Multilingual support Categorized contents
Pre-chat survey

Know Your Customers

Get the necessary information to provide accurate help. Pre-Chat feature will enable you to ask for custom data from your customers before starting a new topic.

Customized FieldsSoon Team Selector

Conversation Rating

After a conversation ends, the Messenger will ask your customers to rate and provide feedback on their experience. You can analyze this data on the reporting page of your dashboard.

  • See ratings for each customer
  • Keyword Cloud for feedbacksSoon

Messenger Customization

With the Messenger Customization tool, you can customize every single detail of Messenger the way that suits your company the best.

Here's what you can do:

  • Change colors used in the Messenger
  • Change Messenger’s icon
  • Show or hide your teammate's avatars
  • Show Messenger on the right or left of your site
  • Activate language autodetect