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Different Teams, One Inbox

The Inbox is designed to help you and your teammates deliver best customer experience.


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See whats happening in the whole organization See whats happening in the whole organization whats happening.

Advanced assignment rules Quick Responses


Assign conversations to other agents if they can better help the user. We will notify the selected agent to reply to that conversation.

Push notifications Email notifications

See whatever you need to know about a customer

The right sidebar is designed to help you find out whom you’re talking to and whatever you need to help them better. Get context in a blink of an eye.

Customer information

fundamental data to begin with

Pre-chat survey will collect data based on what options you need. Then, Hubber will enrich some other information like Avatars from publicly available data.

Customer name Customer Email
Geo Location IP address
Browser & device Phone Number (optional)

Latest viewed pages

Take a look at your customers journey on your site and find out where are they right now. This can help you to answer questions more properly.


Group customers together

Manually add segment labels to users or through API to recognize users faster.


Write notes for internal use

You can write as many notes as you want about a customer in the sidebar to add more context for future support requests from that user.

Quick replies

FAQ made easy

Prepare answers to frequently asked questions and send them to the users to save time and make the support process faster.

Unlimited Quick Replies Searchable
Omni-Channel Inbox Coming soon in 1 month

Bring Conversations from other channels

Centralize different channels alongside Live Chat to manage all of your business conversations in one Inbox and increase efficiency.

Twitter Directs Telegram Messages
Email Tickets Website forms
File upload

Send/Receive files easily

Send files & media directly to users or receive from them. These files will be securely hosted on our servers and there's no limit for you to keep them.